Drag Queen Storytime in Australia

“Drag queens are not for kids!” — Liberal National Club members protesting drag queen storytime at Brisbane Square Library

No one topic quite screams, “culture war”, as drag queen storytime.

What is drag queen storytime?

Drag queen storytime — similar to the controversial Safe Schools programme and much of Australia’s cultural madness — originated in the USA.

Similar to the Safe Schools programme, the media rarely mentions who created the concept or their politics. For Safe Schools, it was co-authored by Marxist & LGBT activist, Roz Ward. For drag queen storytime, it was created by another left-wing LGBT activist, Michelle Tea.

(Note the Left are always happy to politicise children but instantly claim children’s victimhood status when the Right does it. Neither is right; children should be kept out of politics.)

Drag queen storytime is exactly as it sounds: Grown men in drag — over-the-top, sexualised caricatures of womanhood — read storybooks to children whose parents are present, usually in a library. The storybooks usually involve some kind of LGBT theme, such as “expanding the binary”, same sex marriage, “gender diversity”, and transgenderism. The children are 3 years old and above.

Drag queens in Brisbane

Earlier this week, a group of Liberal National Club members — previously disowned by the Liberal Party — protested a drag queen storytime event at Brisbane Square Library. Readers can find details here.

Of course the mainstream media never tells the full story. The media in Australia failed not only to suggest why grown men dressed as highly sexualised women might be bad idea. And, of course, the media failed to link the event to leftwing activism and wider societal trends.

Unsurprisingly a convicted paedophile was one such drag queen in Houston. British Airways also hired a convicted paedophile for a gay pride parade. Likewise, another drag queen came under fire for exposing his crotch to young children who sat nearby.

Convicted paedophiles at drag queen storytime highlights one key difference between the Left and the Right: The Left think people are basically good. The Right know people aren’t basically good. Through the lens of the Right — especially the Christian Right — drag queen storytime is a disaster waiting to happen, and they are 100% correct. The Left is incredibly naive to think such events won’t attract paedophiles.

The Left eats itself

The protest was led by Gavin Wilson, himself gay, who tragically took his own life the day after the protest. Ironically the protesters were criticised for “homophobia” and “homophobic chants”. Given Wilson’s sexuality, this claim is dubious at best. However, the protest is indicative of a split within the so-called “LGBT community” (read: activists who represent only themselves).

Likewise, under the Left’s new secular religion of intersectionality, transgenderism ranks higher than homosexuality, and hence claims of homophobia against a gay man are accepted unquestioningly by the leftwing media. Increasingly, the “LGB” faction of the “community” have been facing claims of “transphobia” from the “T” faction. Granted, most drags queens don’t consider themselves transgender, but their elevation to near the top of the intersectional hierarchy is indicative of their status above homosexuality; the same status is now awarded to transgender people based on their perceived victimhood.

LGB acceptance has been pushed as a function of biology; that is, lesbians, gays, and bisexuals are “born this way”. However, the claims made by transgender activists — handed down by their gender studies priests in the church of the Humanities — is that “gender” is a “social construct”. If this claim is true — which it is not — then one’s sexuality must also be a “social construct”, completely undermining the biological argument — fought and won — for the public’s acceptance of homosexuality.

The larger picture

Drag queen storytime is heavily criticised by the Right — particularly conservatives — because it’s seen as part of a wider attempt by the Left to sexualise children and indoctrinate children in gender ideology.

And the Right is, again, 100% correct.

Throughout the West, children are being sexualised by the Left and taught gender ideology, through the power of the State. Of course the Left denies all allegations. (For the interested reader, please consult Google, as an overview of this topic in a few paragraphs isn’t possible.)

And the results are concerning; the emperor has no clothes. If any readers ever questioned why the Left love Big Government, the sexialisation and indoctrination of children through the power is the State is one such answer. The Left not only gets to push its values; the Left gets a new generation of “allies”, future voters and activists for its cause.

Values and the State

As I write in my About section, I don’t take libertarian stances of many issues — particularly social issues — including sexualising children and teaching children gender ideology. In my opinion, the State must — and has a moral obligation to — protect children, to preserve children’s innocence.

I even reject the idea that private schools should teach these topics to children. My stance is simple: These topics should be banned, especially because Australian’s schools are struggling.

Underpinning DQST, Safe Schools, and Respectful Relationships is one main problem: The State teaching children values. What the Left fails to realise is that values are taught not only by schools but by parents, friends, media, and wider society in general. Acceptance of homosexuality was not done through school programmes. Why should transgenderism be any different?

Scope creep