The New Elites that Dominate Political Views & Dialogue

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” — Malcom X

The media’s hysteria over Australia’s bushfire rages on; the anger and rage against Scott Morrison has hit a crescendo. (This outrage is so palpable that I don’t feel any need to link to any media articles.)

This is the same media that confidently called Australia’s 2019 election for Labor. Waleed Aly — whom I criticised in a previous post — memorably saying, “I’m expecting it [the amount of seats Labor wins] to fall around 81. I’m basing that on things I’ve heard from people who should know”.

Aly is representative of a media class that is completely out of touch with the average Australian. Similar criticism is often made of the ABC, Australia’s public broadcaster. As an example, one of the ABC’s recent Q&A episodes featured four radical feminists who supported vigilante justice against men, discussed the abolition of the police, and called Scott Morrison a “white supremacist”, all whilst the tax payer-funded moderator failed to challenge a single talking point. Considering that most women in Australia aren’t feminists, this radical viewpoint is hardly representative of Australians, as the ABC’s charter demands. Yet again, the media is widely out of touch with the average Australian.

Following on from the 2016 Brexit referendum & Donald Trump’s election in the same year, the media again failed to predict then understand — and hence represent — what the average voter thinks. This recent trend of an out-of-touch media in the West is exemplified by many other issues of modern-day politics, such as identity politics, the rise of socialism in the UK and US, and the near complete lack of debate between political opponents.

The media is called “The Fourth Estate” for its important role in holding the government to account, something the average person can rarely manage himself. However, instead of being the voice of the average Australian, Brit, Canadian, Kiwi, or American, the media in the West has chosen a different path: The media, professional organisations, many politicians (particularly those on the Left), academics, teachers, celebrities, and many companies all consist of a New Elite.

This New Elite has — and isn’t afraid to enforce — certain political views, certain politically correct views. None of these views is more distinctly unrepresentative of voters in the West than transgender ideology, under which gender is a “social construct” completely detached from biological sex, biological sex is “assigned” at birth distinct from a future “gender identity”, one can change one’s “gender” at the snap of one’s fingers (and then change one’s gender back 2 seconds later), that multiple — infinite — genders exist such as “non-binary” and “agender”, and that we must now be forced to accept men in skirts competing — and winning — against women in sport. And let’s not forget pronouns and the Newspeak additions to the English language; for instance, “cis gender” and “heteronormativity”.

The New Elite in Australia, in a remarkably short time, has made it possible for Australians to change their sex on their birth certificates — historical documents that record biological sex — despite changing one’s sex being biologically impossible. Likewise, transgender ideology is taught under the controversial Respectful Relationships and Safe Schools programmes that are promoted by Daniel Andrews and Labor in Victoria.

What does the New Elite believe?

The New Elite is secular and intersectional, yet fails to notice how close to a religion intersectionality is. The New Elite fails to see and treat people as individuals but rather sees individuals as a function of inherent groups — e.g., race and sex — to which one belongs. The New Elite happily criticises Christianity but fails to criticise Islam, because Muslims are higher on the intersectional hierarchy.

The New Elite demands freedom of speech for itself but rarely for voters in the West.

The New Elite holds politically correct views on many other issues, including immigration, multiculturalism (not to be confused with multiracialism), LGBTQIA+ “rights”, race, differences between the two sexes, “cultural appropriation”, “microaggressions”, cancel culture, climate change, and offensive jokes.

What does the New Elite mean for the West?

The New Elite is a direct threat to democracy, as was seen after the Brexit referendum. The New Elite — including the judiciary — colluded to overturn the Brexit referendum, the unquestionable will of the British people. Likewise, the US has seen a distinctly nasty campaign to impeach Donald Trump, including the unproven “Russia collusion” narrative that seamlessly morphed into the “Ukraine collusion” narrative. The reason? The New Elites lost the Brexit vote and didn’t expect Trump to beat Clinton. So ensconced in their bubble — as Waleed Aly’s “I’m basing that on things I’ve heard from people who should know” comment shows — is the New Elite that they simply cannot believe people voted for Brexit or for Donald Trump.

The media’s disconnect from the average voter in the West means people are now seeking information from new voices, including long-form podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience. It means the rise of the so-called “alternative media”, individuals writing articles such as this one and creating content for sites such as YouTube. It means the creation of new media companies, such as Ben Shapiro’s The Dailywire.

For society, this runs the risk of further political polarisation, as many voters — Left and Right — no longer watch or read a reasonable mainstream media but rather get their news from increasingly partisan social media echo chambers, alternative media, podcasts, and other new forms of media. In short: We’re not listening to the same people, not getting information from the same sources. This is likely to further impact political dialogue and debate in a negative manner, both sides struggling to come to terms with unknown — and hence incomprehensible — viewpoints.

Distrust in the media is at an all-time high. If the New Elite continues not to allow alternative views on challenging topics, voters will be driven to either ignore the media, disbelieve the media, or find their news from other sources. Therefore, the political views of the New Elite will continue to diverge greatly from the average voter in the West.

Where will this end? That’s another topic for another post.