And Then Feminists Came for Bettina Arndt

Bettina Arndt is hated by feminists.

Feminists hate Arndt because she exposed the kangaroo courts running in Australia’s universities, which has seen the University of Queensland told by the Supreme Court of Queensland that the University of Queensland has no jurisdiction to try rape cases. Feminists have been pushing for these kangaroo courts in many countries.

Feminists hate Arndt because she debunked the feminist claim that there is a “rape culture” in Australia’s universities.

Feminists hate Arndt because she debunks feminists’ claims about domestic violence, specifically male victims of domestic violence and female perpetrators.

But most of all, feminists hate Arndt because she not only talks about men’s issues, she advocates for men. Arndt’s advocacy was rewarded this Australia Day, as she was awarded the Order of Australia.

The Media

Predictably, the smear merchants that pass for “objective media” came out in force, the Left Establishment in complete meltdown. Again, predictably, the ABC — Australia’s public broadcaster [that should be defunded and privatised] — failed to mention Arndt’s award… most likely because of the ABC’s history giving a platform to the most ridiculous and radical of feminists. The ABC has shown no objectivity when it comes to feminism.

A well-timed hit piece was written by Nina Funnell of New Matilda, a well-known feminist rag. This article sent the Left Establishment into overdrive.

The main claim is that Arndt mis-represented herself — and allowed herself to be represented by the media — as a clinical psychologist. In order to call oneself a clinical psychologist, one must be registered as such with state governments.

The problem? Arndt completed a Masters in Psychology at the University of NSW in 1973. Registration in NSW for psychologists only became compulsory in 1989. And it’s common for people to still use “protected titles” after they’re no longer registered. But does this argument appear in Nina Funnell’s article? No, of course not.

The Left’s Merry-Go-Round of Bullshit

Claims made against Arndt use what I think of as, “The Left’s Merry-Go-Round of Bullshit”: The Left find an “expert” — often whose work has been criticised by the target — then quote the “expert”, failing to mention the obvious conflict of interest or any history between the two.

The merry-go-round works as follows: Someone debunks a leftwing claim, that person is targeted by leftwing media and activists — often by interviewing the very people whose claims have been debunked — who quickly smear the person in the media. The public, largely unaware of these tactics, believe the leftwing claim unquestioningly, and the target is neutralised… forever to be blacklisted. What’s more, the Left will double down by claiming it’s them who are being persecuted. (See everything that Jordan Peterson has ever written or said as an example.)

This is a common leftwing tactic, and unfortunately it works. It’s a merry-go-found because there is no truth at the bottom; there is only a circular narrative held up and perpetuated by the leftwing media. The aim is to demonise an individual instead of arguing against his ideas. The aim is to make the person “persona non grata”; only then can media organisations be criticised for giving the person a platform. This is leftism 101, and this is the basis for “cancel culture”.

This tactic is shown by various media outlets failing to mention Nina Funnell — who belongs to End Rape on Campus — has been attempting to discredit Arndt for years, because Arndt’s fact-based arguments destroy Funnell’s narrative on rape at Australia’s universities.

Likewise, the ABC has implemented The Left’s Merry-Go-Round of Bullshit to good effect against Arndt. Yes, the Australian Psychological Society — ideologically possessed by radical gender theory — was quick to denounce those “misleading” the public with their titles.

Why is this a problem? The article from Nina Funnell proves the Merry-Go-Round of Bullshit: Arndt is quoted as saying, “I think the [Australian Psychological Society] is a very dubious organisation that totally misrepresents any number of issues, particularly in relation to men. I wouldn’t join it if you paid me. I think they’re an appalling organisation”.

The Merry-Go-Round of Bullshit is complete: Arndt has criticised the APS in the past, the media refuse to inform the public, and then the APS denounce Arndt.