The Liberal Party: Labor Lite & Against Freedom

“The voter base continues to walk away from the Coalition because they no longer see a force that champions their values, but one that is slowly morphing into Labor-lite and is willing to sell out its own for short-term gain” — Rita Panahi

I support the Liberal Party — I’m a member — not because I support its policies. I support the Liberal Party because Labor and the Greens are far, far worse: More government involvement in our lives and hence more bureaucrats, more “hate speech” regulations, more middle class union representatives screwing the working class, higher taxes, more regulations that stop businesses from employing Australians — making it difficult for smaller businesses to compete — and less freedom for the average Australian.

What’s more, the Liberal Party continues to kowtow to Labour and the Greens.

Radical gender theory

Take, for example, the Liberal Party’s National Code of Conduct. One can be discriminated against based on one’s “gender identity”. That’s right, one’s subjective “gender identity” — the same concept that led to men in women’s prisons, men in women’s shelters, men in women’s sport, women being sued for refusing to wax a biological man’s genitals — is supported by a so-called “centre-right” party.

As John Howard right said, “What’s disappointed me is an issue like Safe Schools. When that emerged it should have been hit on the head by centre-right governments at federal and state level. It should have been a simple and vigorous response”. Yet successive Liberal-led governments have done nothing to turn the tide of the replacement of biological sex with “gender identity”. In fact, many Liberal Party MPs oddly support such initiatives.

One would think that the Liberals would be against the postmodern definition of “gender” — given such definitions have no basis in reality whatsoever — but one would be wrong.

This bullshit is pushed heavily by Labor and the Greens — bolstered by the usual ad hominem attacks by the Left — and a culture of political correctness; yet, the Liberals not only fail to push back but accept the Left’s drivel.

Free speech

Another area in which the Liberals aren’t particularly liberal is free speech. Despite speaking under parliamentary privilege, the media demanding free speech for itself, and academics demanding academic freedom, the Liberals have failed to repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. Likewise, the Liberals have failed to enshrine free speech under federal law, and therefore making state governments’ “hate speech” laws illegal.

The list of people unfairly dragged through the courts is long enough to realise that these subjective laws must go. Likewise, it’s my opinion there is no reason why any government — federal or state — should be in the business of telling Australians what we can and cannot say. This is a right that exists naturally without the government, and therefore it’s a right that the government must protect. Australians are tough enough to handle a few bad words every now and then, and Australians must have freedom of speech in order to push back against federal and state governments’ overreach.

Whilst many may argue that today’s “hate speech” laws are a necessity, tomorrow’s governments will eventually go too far; we know this from history.

Labor and the Greens love a good “hate speech” law, yet the Liberals continue to kowtow to the Left.

Ban on cash sales over $10,000

What’s more, the illiberal Liberals’ proposed cash ban on sales of over $10,000 is a restriction on Australian’s freedom to spend their money as they see fit. Do the Liberals really think the government can stop an Australian from handing another Australian cash? Ridiculous.

This is the kind of government interference that I’d expect from Labor or the Greens.

State surveillance

Abbott’s Liberals ventured further into illiberal territory in 2015, with the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Act 2015, under which metadata of Australians can be viewed by various government agencies — including the ATO — without a warrant.

Unsurprisingly, despite Australians being told that content wouldn’t be collected, it was recently revealed that URLs including content are being collected.

Let’s not forget Alastair MacGibbon, appointed by the Liberals, gaslighting Australians, pretending the government wasn’t weakening cyber security controls in order to enable government mass surveillance.

The Liberals aren’t particularly liberal

Free markets, personal responsibility and freedom, the individual over the collective, small government, and fewer regulations / government interference. This is the definition of liberalism (not to be confused with what Americans call “liberalism”, which is actually progressivism).

What are the Liberal Party’s values? They’re listed on the Liberals’ website, and they’re smiliar to what I wrote in the previous paragraph.

Why don’t the Liberal Party follow its own values?