Only Trump has the Balls to Tackle China and the WHO

“It’s not racist at all; it [COVID-19] comes from China” — President Trump

Love him or hate him, only President Trump has the balls to tackle China and the World Health Organisation.

Trump swept to victory in 2016 promising, amongst other things, to tackle China’s US currency manipulation, China’s intellectual property thief, and promising to bring back manufacturing from China to the US. Likewise, one of Trump’s more enticing promises — one with which I very, very much agree — was to drain the political swamp in Washington D.C.

In Trump’s typical “I couldn’t care less” style, the USA’s financial contributions to the WHO were halted over the WHO’s COVID-19 response, pending a review. The WHO and its Director are a complete disgrace — quislings to China — about which I wrote in an earlier article. We know that China Lied and People Died. And the WHO continued to kiss up to China instead of calling out China.

Luckily the Deputy Prime Minister of Japan, Taro Aso, had the courage to suggest that the WHO might have to change its name to the “Chinese Health Organisation”.

Meanwhile, Justin “Male Feminist” Trudeau evaded the WHO question. Progressive Queen, Jacinda Ardern — former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth — rejected Trump’s argument.

Scott Morrison provided light criticism; Coalition backbenchers called for a review of WHO funding. UK and Germany government officials backed the WHO.

Similarly, the lamestream media’s coverage of China and the WHO has been as predictably poor as one would expect, refusing to inform the public of China’s influence over the WHO and Tedros’ communist credentials & dodgy background. It’s an unfortunate state of the media when only rightwing outlets such as Sky News and the National Review dare speak the truth.

What is wrong with leftwing media? Political correctness? A hatred of Trump? Ideological alignment to communism? A love of taxpayer-funded, unaccountable global organisations over which taxpayers have no control?

If we — the deplorables, the gammon, the Quiet Australians — want change to useless, unaccountable international organisations such as the WHO, such change will only come from outside the Establishment, outside the New Elites. And such change will only come from the Right. Today, such change will only come from President Trump.

Personally, I’d rather see co-operation between elected, accountable governments in the West to combat pandemics.

If global organisations must exist, then a “West WHO” — a world health organisation run by, and for, the West — is a smarter option than inviting Communist China to the party.

Unfortunately the West needs to face up to the facts. It was long thought that trade with non-western countries would change those countries to free market democracies. However, in the case of China, what has emerged is some kind of bastardisation of capitalism — state run “capitalism” — under Marxist-Leninist ideology.

China won’t change, at least anytime soon. However, China will continue to use the free markets of the West against the West to gain power & influence, to the detriment of the West, as happened with the China-controlled WHO & COVID-19.

Who has the balls to tackle China? President Trump.