The Left’s Long March Through Australia’s Institutions — The Australian Psychological Society

“Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society” – Antonio Gramsci

This is Part 1 of a multi-part series on The Left’s March Through Australia’s Institutions. All parts can be read by clicking here.

Most tyrannical political ideas were created in Continental Europe: Communism, socialism, Nazism, and fascism to name but a few. Yet another tyrannical idea came from Marxist sociologist Rudi Dutschke: In order to create radical political change, the institutions of the West — education, the media, churches, government, etc. — had to be subverted… the revolution would come from within society, not against society.

Dutschke, a German Marxist, got his idea came from Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Marxist, who identified these institutions as being key to maintain power in capitalist societies. Fast forward to modern-day Australia, and Dutschke & Gramsci’s ideas can be seen in the controversial education programme Safe Schools, under which radical gender theory is taught. Safe Schools was co-authored by yet another Marxist, the English Roz Ward.

Given that education is one of the key means by which a culture is transferred from one generation to the next, Marxists have long craved for control over what children learn. Similarly, Marxists have long targeted the family unit, too, for the same reason: Mothers and fathers pass down both wealth through inheritance and education/values through parenting.

The Australian Psychological Society

The Australian Psychological Society is Australia’s main psychological body in Australia, with over 24,000 members and 43 branches. The APS is very influential in the area of physiological, routinely appearing in the media and whose policy statements are taken up by governments, psychologists, and, of course, leftwing activists.

The APS is one Australian institution through which the Left has marched. The APS is riddled with debunked radical gender theory:

  • The APS believe that sex is “assigned at birth”. “Sex assigned at birth” is now favoured to give room for one’s “gender identity”, the implication being that there is a dose of doctors who randomly “assign” sex instead of identifying and confirming one’s sex. This replacement of biological sex with gender is part of a push by the United Nations.
  • The APS believe that if a child feels like the opposite sex, then that child is the opposite sex. You might want to get little Tommy out of your wife’s closet. “A transgender child generally refers to a child who was assigned as male at birth but is female, or a child who was assigned female but is male”. Is a man a woman if he “self identifies” as a woman? The APS say that biology doesn’t exist.
  • The APS promote “non-binary” as a gender. What is non-binary? Even transgender people think that the concept is bullshit.
  • The APS promote “gender neutral pronouns”. Yes, the same perversion of language that would have had Orwell screaming, “I told you so!”.
  • Most controversially, the APS recommend that parents “affirm” their child’s “expressed gender”. This flies in the face of research that shows most children simply grow out of transgenderism. And “sex change” operations don’t change the transgender suicide rate.
  • The APS recommend that mental health professionals “affirm” children’s gender confusion. Why discuss mental health issues when untested drugs and operations are possible?

The APS has been completely subverted by radical gender ideology, even claiming that young people have a “right” to explore and express their gender when parents do not approve of treatment. Apparently the “professional” organisation knows best how to raise young Australians. It’s my opinion that parents know what is best for their children, not a professional organisation.

In February 2019, Ros Knight, the president of the Australian Psychological Society, supported the controversial American Psychological Association’s guidelines for psychological practice with boys and men.

(It’s also no surprise that the leftwing ABC sought comment from Michael Flood, yet another radical leftist who pushes endless feminist nonsense through Australia’s institutions. Flood interviewed 17 men for his PhD thesis, which shows one the quality of work needed at the Centre for Women’s Studies at the ANU. Flood is another “academic” who believes that gender is “socially constructed”.)

The guidelines from the APA were highly politicised, using language such as “heteronormative”, “privilege”, “gender bias”, “oppression”, “cisgender”, etc.

Do you think that risk taking, achievement, and adventure are bad for men and boys? The APA do, and the APS agree.

In short, the APA guidelines are a leftwinger’s wet dream of ideological drivel. As such, Jordan Peterson correctly highlighted the Left’s war against men and boys. Yet Ros Knight was actually excited about similar guidelines in Australia.

Likewise, a quick glance at the APS’s position statements reads as a list of leftwing concerns:

  • Climate change.
  • Refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Two policy statements on transgenderism, on which I’ve already commented.

Note that there is no policy statement on the 2000+ men who kill themselves every year. This is most likely due to the APS’s feminist infiltration, as I will detail below. Any such policy statement on men’s suicide would need to acknowledge the Family Court’s role in six men killing themselves every day in Australia.

And, lastly, we have the APS’s support of Jennifer McIntosh — hired by Labor — who claimed in a report that “infants under two who spent one night or more a week and toddlers who spend 10 days a month of overnight time in their non-primary caregiver’s care are more irritable, more severely distressed and insecure in their relationships with their primary parent, less persistent at tasks, and more physically and emotionally stressed”.

McIntosh had previously criticised the Coalition’s shared custody reforms, and McIntosh’s report was heavily criticised by international experts. The APS backed McIntosh.

Why is this important? Ideological positions have infiltrated the APS’s reports and position statements, which, in turn, influence governments. Governments have tremendous power to influence citizens’ lives, including driving up men’s suicide rates due to the Family Court.

(As a side note, one of McIntosh’s reports states, “infants (under three) have biologically grounded needs for continuous reliable care from a primary care giver”. However, the APS’s stance on transgenderism — as I discussed above — ignores biology completely. This is the complete madness of the APS: biology exists when biology supports an ideological position, then biology doesn’t exist when biology doesn’t support an ideological position.)

The APS have been ideologically captured by the Left. Why is this dangerous? Because its advice goes largely uncriticised and unquestioned, and its advice is no doubt taken seriously by 24,000 psychologists in Australia.

For example, the notion to “affirm” children who think that they’re the opposite gender is an ideological claim not backed by many studies, yet this notion is not only accepted but pushed as the first option by the APS. No wonder there is a sky rocketing number of gender confused children and many “sex change” regret stories.

This is the price Australians’ children pay for Dutschke and Gramsci’s long march through our institutions.